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The Arriflex FF-5 Cine is the successor to the industry standard Arri FF-4 kit; a professional follow focus system compatible with both lightweight and studio set-ups. The FF-5 unit has a longer swing arm for better gear positioning on HD lenses. A lower gear ratio is also better suited to the smaller lens diameter of HD lenses and/or cine lenses with a compressed focus scale. The FF-5 can be mounted directly onto lightweight rods through a snap-on mechanism ensuring a simple and fast setup. With an its adapter, it can also be snapped onto 15mm or 19mm support rods. The FF-5 can be equipped with driver gears for all popular types of HD, Cine and ENG lenses. The drive gears can be attached on both sides of the swing arm. Our kit comes complete with the gear for smaller 0.8 prime lenses and also one for larger 0.8 lenses. It also includes the standard left side knob, an extension for larger matte boxes and a Arri whip and crank for better control. Our kit is packed in a laser cut ATA case for easy transport.


Technical Specifications and Features

  • Large and small focus gears for 0.8 pitch lenses
  • Extra Arriflex marking discs are available
  • Glow-in-the-dark marking discs are also available upon request