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The Bartech Focus Remote Device, or “BFD”, is a simple yet powerful and accurate remote follow focus system allowing for remote control of the focus of cine lenses. The Wolves Den’s BFD kit has the digital receiver and the quiet but powerful Heden M26VE motor. The Bartech receiver can be powered from the camera with the included P-Tap cables or from an Anton Bauer Gold Mount Battery plate. The BFD handset runs on 9 Volt batteries. Our kit comes complete with a foam-fitted Pelican case.

We include a rod mounting bracket for the receiver (and Velcro), (2) digital motor cables and (2) Anton Bauer P-tap power cables.

The Heden M26VE digital motor comes complete with four snap-on pitch gears (0.8, 0.6, 0.5, 0.4)


Technical Specifications and Features

Bartech BFD Handset and Digital Receiver

  • 900 MHz Data Reception, 8 Selectable Sub-channels
  • Auto Calibration
  • Adjustable torque
  • Compatible with most digital motors (Heden M26VE Digital Motor Included)
  • Camera run/stop output
  • 10-30V Input Voltage

Heden M26VE Motor

  • Weight (including bracket & gear): 7.70 oz (250g)
  • Length: 4.72″ (120mm)
  • Width: 1.02″ (26mm)
  • Height: 1.29″ (33mm)
  • Max Torque Output: 1.8Nm
  • Connector: LEMO size 1, 7-pin
  • Mounts on 19mm rods (15mm insert adapter included)