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The Chameleon five-in-one portable reflector kit eliminates the need for multiple reflectors, silks and solids.

The Silfoil Chameleon is a lightweight, circular, steel-framed reflector system which folds conveniently into a disc approximately one-third its in-use size for easy transport and storage. Each reflector includes a handy, tear resistant nylon carrying pouch.

Unlike conventional reflectors, however, the Chameleon features a removable, reversible cover which allows for five uniquely functional surfaces in three separate configurations:

1) Black on one side for blocking unwanted light and silver mylar on the other for reflecting cool brilliant light

2) Reverse the cover for white and gold reflectors to capture the warmer tones

3) Remove the cover entirely to reveal a single, translucent panel just right for soft, diffused effects.


Technical Specifications and Features

Shape: Circular

Open Size: 42″ (107cm)

Collapsed Size: 1/3 of working size

Surfaces: Black, silver, white, gold and translucent