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The DSC Labs Fiddlehead Senior Focus Pattern Chart is a chart designed for calibrating the focus on your video camera. Many video professionals consider calibration charts a necessity for optimizing camera performance and the production value of images. This chart has been designed with that philosophy in mind and works equally well in engineering or production work. This model was created in collaboration with Stephen Lucas in Burbank. It features a decreasing radii spiral pattern that is designed to provide a visual pop at the precise point of optimum focus.

Focus Calibration: Use this practical and versatile chart to perform focus calibration and testing to achieve enhanced results with your video camera.
Engineering & Production: The chart includes a number of options that are equally useful in engineering, production, and post-production work.
Dynamic Range: Its high dynamic range is ideally suited for focus testing and calibration.
Pattern: This chart’s decreasing radii spiral pattern is designed to provide a visual pop at the point of optimum focus.


Technical Specifications:

  • Construction: Aircraft Aluminium
  • Ratio: 16:9/4:3
  • Dimensions (HxW): 14.7 x 24″ (37.3 x 61cm)