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The EasyGimbal is a handheld 3-axis camera stabilizer designed for the GoPro 3(+) camera system.

If you are shooting videos, be it sports, documentaries, weddings, narrative films, traveling movies, or even home movies; the EasyGimbal is what you have been waiting for.

With the EasyGimbal, shooting smooth moving shots is easy. The EasyGimbal removes the shakiness by stabilizing all three axes (Pan, Tilt, and Roll) with the help of brushless motors, sophisticated electronics, and a thoroughly thought out gimbal design. The results are stunning. You freely move around with your camera and the EasyGimbal will keep it steady.

The Wolves Den EasyGimbal kit includes two rechargeable DSLR style batteries, a proprietary charger and a GoPro 3+ camera with an attached LCD Touch BacPac. The LCD Touch BacPac helps the operator frame their shot, but it can be removed and replaced with an included slug for balance. Additional batteries and chargers for the GoPro 3+ camera are also available.

Each fully charged DSLR style battery will last for about a full hour and is very simple to switch out, so downtime is reduced to a minimum.

Examples of our EasyGimbal stabilized test footage are available upon request.