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The Element Technica Mantis Hand Held Rig is compatible with Arri, Red and ET bridge plates. It’s a hand-held rig with high customization ability, suitable for film or digital motion picture cameras. Element Technica’s lightweight hand-held system combines innovative design with exceptional workmanship and materials.

The ET Mantis is primarily designed for Arri-style bridge plates, but our Mantis system also includes a Wooden Camera base plate clamp, which allows it to be used for lighter weight camera builds and even DSLR-based systems.


Technical Specifications and Features

  • Dovetail interface allows quick setup; 20 seconds from tripod to hand-held
  • Multi-axis adjustment allows shoulder pad to conform to any shoulder
  • Two axis (rotational) adjustment shoulder pad
  • Fore/aft linear adjustment shoulder pad
  • Designed specifically for Arriflex style Hybrid bridge plates (435, Arricam, Moviecam, Phantom, etc)
  • Utilizes conventional bicycle grips
  • Telescopic and rotating handle extensions
  • Handles and extensions use Arriflex compatible rosettes
  • Mounting point for ViewFactor remote start/stop button