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The Element Technica Hybrid Bridge Plate system is a giant step forward in bridge plate design as it is easily convertible between 15mm Studio, 19mm Studio, 15mm Lightweight, and the Panavision rod standards. Although the Hybrid was developed as an upgrade for the Red One, its modular design makes it compatible with many current cameras from Arri, Sony and Aaton while setting a new paradigm for future cameras. By simply switching the clamps on the front and rear of the bridge plate, the Hybrid can be converted between different rod standards. The rod clamps easily slide on to steel pins and are held in place by two 1/4 -20 socket cap screws. When using primes or a lightweight zoom, the front clamps can be used to support accessories such as a matte box and follow focus, and the rear clamps can be used to support other accessories such as drive mounts or battery mounts. And when shooting with larger zoom lenses, both clamps can be employed for maximum rod support. Utilizing both sets of clamps on the Hybrid provides better support for a zoom lens than on previous bridge plates. An optional 15mm Lightweight support clamp (not included) can also be attached to the front of this 19mm Studio clamp, allowing the use of matte boxes and follow focuses that use the Lightweight standard.

Our 19mm Studio Kit comes with the Hybrid Body Core and two corresponding 19mm Studio spacing clamps. The Hybrid is compatible with all of the Element Technica dovetails, as well as any other Arri-standard dovetail. When used with an Arri camera, an optional shim plate is required.


Technical Specifications and Features


Hybrid Core

2 x 19mm Spacing Clamps

Weight: 1.5 lbs (0.68kg)