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The NULL Lens is a perfect tool when you are outside and can point at a distant building or tree line. Anything over 150′ (50 meters) and you can set focus accurately to 5 microns. In some situations, however, such as setting up in a van at night, this can be difficult. That’s where the NULL Target comes in. It contains a backlit Siemen’s Star, a focusing target that makes it easy and accurate to judge focus. Optics in the NULL Target bring the Siemen’s Star into clear focus at infinity. The NULL Target screws into the NULL Lens, and then that device is used to set back focus as usual – only now you don’t have to worry about pointing the camera, because everything is built into the NULL assembly.

The whole unit is small, lightweight, internally powered, reliably accurate and easy to use.

Note: Most NULL Lens / Targets were intended for use on the Red One camera only.

However, our NULL lens Optical Collimator Kit was modified by the Service Department at Abel Cine in New York. As a result, it will make the clearance for use with Red Epic and Scarlet cameras.

If you own a NULL lens /Target Kit, and would like to have it modified, call Jenna Ipcar at Abel Cine NY at (212) 462-0100


Technical Specifications and Features

Mount: PL Mount

Length: 2.5″ (63.5mm) (NULL Lens Alone) 5.75″ (146mm) (With Target Attached)

Weight: 1.5 lb (680 Grams)

Case: 1450 Pelican Case Included