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Red Pro Primes are a product of superior craftsmanship and optimized optics, producing crisp images perfectly complementing the high-resolution of Red One, Red Epic-X, Dragon and Scarlet-X cameras.

Red Pro Prime lenses provide a great option for productions who need PL mount lenses but don’t have the budget for Zeiss Master Primes or Ultra Primes. These Red prime lenses offer excellent coverage of 4K sensors and produce a reliably sharp image.

This set of six prime lenses includes all the popular focal lengths of 18mm, 25mm, 35mm, 50mm, 85mm and 100mm. Red prime lenses have a maximum aperture of T1.8, across the set, and they all have a 110mm front diameter.

These PL mount RPP lenses come complete with a front and rear element cap, plus a hard foam-fitted ATA travel case.

Note: The extended flange on the 18mm RPP will not work on some shutter based cameras (and a few of the digital cinema cameras). However, all six Red primes lenses will work beautifully with Red Epic and Scarlet camera platforms.


Technical Specifications and Features

      Focal Distance: 18mm, 25mm, 35mm, 50mm, 85mm, 100mm
      Image Area (Diagonal): 32mm, 32mm, 32mm, 32mm, 32mm, 32mm
      T-Stop Range: T1.8-T22, T1.8-T22, T1.8-T22, T1.8-T22, T1.8-T22, T1.8-T22
      Close Focus to Lens Front: 101.6mm (4″), 101.6mm (4″), 101.6mm (4″), 152.4mm (6″) 457.2mm (18″), 609.6mm (24″)
      Close Focus from Sensor: 304.8mm (12″), 304.8mm (12″), 304.8mm (12″), 304.8mm (12″) 609.6mm (24″), 762mm (30″)
      Lens Front Diameter: 110mm, 110mm, 110mm, 110mm, 110mm, 110mm
      Weight: 6.45lbs, 6.16lbs, 6.07lbs, 4.53lbs, 4.20lbs, 4.39lbs
      Mount: Arri PL, Arri PL, Arri PL, Arri PL, Arri PL, Arri PL