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The Sekonic L-718 Digi-Master Light Meter is a rugged flash/ambient exposure meter for the working professional. Horizontal and vertical pivoting receptor head facilitates positioning for comfortable and easy viewing of LCD panel. Incident or reflected measuring of flash or ambient light with interchangeable light measuring attachments.

Electro luminescence backlighting illuminates the LCD panel for easy viewing in lowlight conditions. Aperture is displayed in full, half and 1/10 step. Digital semi-circular bar indicator displays battery capacity and aperture in 1/10 step increments. Heavy-duty rubberized sides assure positive non-slip holding.


Technical Specifications and Features

  • Aperture or shutter priority exposure mode.
  • Cord or cordless flash measuring.
  • Two exposure measurements retained in memory plus current/last measurement displayed.
  • Multi flash for cumulative flash measuring.
  • Digital and analog display of measured data viewed on an easy to read LCD panel.