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The Zacuto Doublemount (and Red Plate with 7” Rods) can screw into the threaded 15mm rods running through your baseplate, or into the back of a DSLR baseplate. The DoubleMount can accept up to four Noga or Israeli arms – two ¼-20 and two 3/8-16 versions.

Our Zacuto Doublemount also has a 3-Stud Anton Bauer battery plate attached (as pictured) with 2 P-tap power plugs for 12 Volt accessories. It also provides a power cable with a 4-Pin XLR connector. This 4-Pin XLR connector can be used to power cameras like the Sony PMW-F3 (PMW-F3L).

In addition, we have a Zround Mount included and attached so a, Zud, 15mm rod or Zacuto articulation arm can be utilized.