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The Zacuto Q-Mount for 15mm lightweight spaced (60mm) rods clamps onto 15mm rods to create a stable mount for a lens support, articulating arm or 15mm rod. The Q-Mount can ‘snap’ onto rods with the clamps facing up or down and tightens with a quick release ratcheting lever on either side of the mount. It can be installed anywhere on a 15mm lightweight spaced rod system without you needing to remove any other accessories. At the center of the Q-Mount is a 15mm rod port controlled by its own quick release ratcheting lever. This rod port can accept any 15mm rod.

The Wolves Den has Zacuto Q-mounts paired with Zuds (with 1/4-20 or 3/8-16 screws). We also have a Q-Mount paired with a Zupport (a cradle that supports the lens weight without needing an attachment point).