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Zacuto’s lightweight support handgrips work with any camera mounted on a standard 15mm rod system.  Zgrips are designed to conform and adapt in several different ways to maximize the user’s comfort.  With fully articulating handgrips and arms that can move forward or backward, the Zgrips V3 can adjust to whatever position the shooter desires.  The arms are also made with 15mm Zacuto rods, so a variety of accessories can be attached off of the handgrips if so desired.  The Zgrips V3’s V-shaped design allows the user to quickly release the arms with the simple flip of a lever. Once the arms are removed your rig will easily mount to any tripod.  These grips are extremely durable.


Technical Specifications and Features

Rod Diameter: 15mm

Color: Black, Red and Raw Aluminum

Weight: 2 lb (0.90 kg)