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Red Pro Primes are a product of superior craftsmanship and optimized optics, producing crisp images perfectly complementing the high-resolution of Red One, Red Epic-X, Dragon and Scarlet-X cameras.

The 300mm Red Pro Prime lens is a 35mm format telephoto lens with a maximum aperture of T2.9. The lens is optimized for Red digital cinema cameras, but it also works well with many other PL mount cameras.

The lens includes a front and rear element cover.

Our lens also comes complete with its stock lens shade, a support lens ring made by Duclos lenses, an Arriflex LS-9 lens support and a hard ATA foam-fitted travel case.


Technical Specifications and Features

Focal Distance: 300mm

Image Area (Diagonal): 30mm

T-Stop Range: T2.9-T34.6

Close Focus to Lens Front: 7.36 Feet

Close Focus from Sensor: 8 Feet

Lens Front Diameter: 117mm

Weight: 5.67lbs

Mount: Arri PL